Saturday, November 23, 2013


When my outside wall was plastered the venting holes were never closed again.  Today was a good day to do so myself.

So I bought three of these guys.

But one has to go in the corner thanks to the retarded hole that is there... So I bought this grinder that will also come in handy in the future when working on my car!

I wanted to put on my safety glasses from uni but something weird had happened to the paint I sprayed them with back then. It was wet and it stank. I had to throw them out. The frame was crooked as well. My poor uni goggles, you will be missed :-(

I cut the corners out where the folding lines is.

And voila!

There we go. Nice and tidy again.

Late arvo I went to have dinner at my folks' place because I was taking my dad out to the soccer tonight! Of course this was a game of my home town's soccer club "AZ" which has nothing to do with the alphabet but it stands for "Alkmaar - Zaanstreek combinatie".

I was never much in to soccer myself but my dad is. He used to go to a lot of games when I was a kid. Since I am able to sometimes get seats through my work and I managed to score us two very nice seats. He was very excited about this ;-)

Opponents (Roda) warming up.

AZ warming up.

Some former incredibly good AZ player received a book. My dad and everybody around me seemed to know who this man was. I was clueless ;-)

Then the players came out from underneath us. Good seats!


And we're off... on a bad start unfortunately because AZ had two players sent off the field in the first 15 minutes or so. It remained 9 vs 11 the rest of the game. Crap!

Half time. Even though AZ was down to 9 guys, they were leading 2 - 1.

Fox was there too.

The game resumed and AZ had another shot but it missed. It remained 2 - 1 until the 90th minute when the opponents very undeservedly so, scored 2 - 2. The end result was shit but the game itself was very exciting! I enjoyed it a lot :-)

My dad made me take this photo. It's AZ's goaly getting flowers. I dunno what for...

Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy birthday Patricia! :-)

Oliebol! :-)

Patricia took me and some other friends of her out to dinner for her birthday. Here she is with her friend Mara.

She was given this book by someone.

I liked the fact about Snottingham ;-)

Afterwards we went for coffee somewhere. Mara turned in to Captain Mara again ;-)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The shit blue tape...

I went to my car tonight because I had a feeling the blue tape that I had been using sticks to the paint so much that it takes it off when removed. So I figured it would be best to remove the tape now instead of when I'm done painting.
And sure enough, when I took some off it ripped off some of the paint damnit...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The fishies

The sun rise this morning was beautiful.

It was blinding too!

There was a birthday colleague and he gave me cake. I was happy.

Even happier I was when Simone let me drop by in the evening. We had a nice time and I got to see their new fish tank.

I also scored to tickets for the AZ-Roda JC soccer game of this weekend. It's in Alkmaar and I'm taking my dad there. I'm very much looking forward to that!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The wasted day

I had to visit a client today for work. It was very fucking far away. Two hours by car. I drove there with 2 colleagues, which was fun. That was the only fun in the whole day really coz there wasn't much to do for me at the client. It was actually rather boring and completely useless...

Traffic was nice to us, we only got trapped by one traffic jam of 15 minutes...

I bought pizza on my way home and stared at the ice cream.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nickelback @ Ziggo dome

I saw the old Radio Veronica broadcasting ship close to my work today. A famous (and notorious) radio station used this to sail into waters off the Dutch coast and pirated their radio into the air that way. They've been legal for a long time now and have become a regular radio station. The ship is legendary though. Nice to see it.

In the evening, me and my mate Ruud went to see Nickelback in concert. Great show that was! Much better than I expected!

Their show rocked. Excellent performance!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Diew

Diewertje came over for dinner tonight, had a lovely evening. She gave me a cut from one of her plants. This girl is a sweetheart!