Saturday, October 24, 2015

The balanced wheels

When driving over 80Km/h there's a tremble in the steering wheel of my Corsa so I figured I should have my front wheels balanced. If I'd get new tyres the balancing would be for free. My tyres were pretty much on their way out anyway so that was not a bad deal.

They put these kinds of weights on the wheels to counter the inbalance.

In the afternoon we went to IKEA to order a new clothing cabinet. It will be delivered tonight!

Back at home I fixed the top of the staircase by putting on a metal strip.

Makes a huge difference!

And just for no reason other than not wanting to think of what to cook, we went to McD's. Their kitchens always fascinate me. So little space and so many people in it...

Friday, October 23, 2015

The tower

There are normal chocolate sprinkles and super mega kingsize chocolate sprinkles. I prefer the latter ;-)

This is the new taxi stand at Central Station. It's at the back now. They choose a good spot.

In the afternoon colleagues and I went to check out our soon-to-be new office.

It's got pretty big floors with nice kitchen areas.

However, the views are the absolute best about this new office!

There's also a lounge area with a bar and artifarty staircase.

The tower.

After visiting the tower (as we simply call it) we went to a place called "Escape room" with the whole financial team. Here are colleagues Tanja, Inanc and Hans.

Escape rooms are rooms you get locked in to for an hour with a team and you have to use clues to find the key that will open the door so you can leave again. Typically you have an hour. If you haven't made it by then, the door will be opened for you by staff. My team was in the Van Gogh-room. In the end it actually has 3 rooms which was fun and exciting. We managed to open the door with 1 minute left! It was a fun thing to do :-)

Afterwards we chatted a bit before moving on to our next stop: dinner!

Martin, Sylvester and Ernst.

JD, Nicolette, Sicco, Emma and Margie.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bad football year this is...

AZ is playing some town called Augsburg. I don't even know where that is but I do know that they are beating AZ by the looks of it. After the Dutch team was kicked out of the Euro championship I think we can safely say that this year pretty much sucks when it comes to football...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The morning after

The morning after... I feel the way I look. Let's keep it at that ;-)

To top things off I was stung overnight by a flying elephant by the looks of it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Putting up the skirting boards

So the floor-man came early; just before 8AM! He's doing a nice job and when I can get to it I'm putting the skirting boards up. This is a "before"...

And this is "after". Not bad eh?

Putting the skirting boards up is a lot more work then I anticipated. It involves drilling a lot of holes and some walls are very hard concrete. The drill bit did not quite survive the walls...

By the end of today I was "floored"...

Monday, October 19, 2015

New car parts!

YAY! My car parts from the states arrived. On the right you see a carb spacer, this will hopefully keep the carb from heating up too much. On the right you see a new fuelpump which will hopefully pump a bit more fuel to the engine.

Both parts should help getting sufficient fuel to the engine during the start and while driving. Hopefully my starting issues will also become a thing of the past...

And in the evening we took down the last remaining things from the first floor because tomorrow the new floor will be put in. Aaaaand we also looked for skirting boards again...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

The skirting boards

Simone wants a new floor. So I get to clear out the first floor. Everything needs to go down and some goes to my place temporarily.

I've been clearing out the rooms a fair bit today. Nearly halfway now. We looked for skirting boards. I like these ones that you clip on instead of nail on.