Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The protein diet, day 21.

Breakfast. I have lost 8.5 kilos now and I'm close to a hundred Kg... Awesome :-)

On my way in to town I spotted these birds fixing their nest. With 7 babies I think they needed to expand ;-)

I had to pickup my passport. Have to get their early to line up otherwise it might take an hour before you're next up...

Everything went smooth and I was on the ferry just after 9.

I bought this greek salad for lunch. It was delish!

I also had normal crackers with cheese. I have to let my body get used to normal food again...

The day flew past. Simone and her little boy drove by to drop off some diet stuff. It was lovely to see them. Her boy makes me laugh and seeing Simone smile makes me happy.

I overstocked on veggies a bit and since I had to either finish them or throw them in the bin, I thought I'd just eat them, I also had a pepper steak left. Then there was still veggies left so I also made vegetable soup. I'm a bit full now ;-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The protein diet, day 20.

My folks gave me this rubber boat to take to Italy on vacation. Very nice!

A certain crucial part is missing though and I can't pump it up... Bit of a downer :-/

Monday, April 21, 2014

The protein diet, day 19.

I cancelled my car's registration today as I can't get it ready in time for the bi-annual checkup that is required to be allowed on the roads. Bit crap but I'll get there.

In the evening Simone and I went to het sister's place for dinner with all her family. I had a very nice time chatting, eating and playing football with her little boy.

Diet-wise I tried to behave and not eat too much or too fatty. I think I did OK...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The protein diet, day 18.

Easter morning and I was once again up early taking the bus home this time.

There was a "funny"person on the bus. She kept pulling a scarf over her face...

I spotted this view close to Central Station from the bus and instead of taking the connecting tram to my house I decided I'd go for a walk through town. It was lovely and quiet, hardly any people on the street, mainly cleaners, hookers and the occasional lost tourist...

I walked on to the Zeedijk which houses a large chinese community.

Zeedijk. Totally abandoned.

Gable stone.


Canal. Can't remember which one.

There's a fun fair in Dam square.

More canal.

The Wester-church.

I tried on the Tshirt I bought in Adelaide just before I left. I have lost 8 kilos now (in just over 2 weeks) and it finally fits. I like how I look. Such a difference from when I started losing weight in Australia...

Simone came to my place today. The weather was real nice so we went for a walk in to town. We slipped in to the "Begijnenhofje". I always like to go in and enjoy the silence there. A very friendly tourist offered to make this photo of us when she saw me trying to make a duo-selfie. It turned out well. I have a lovely girl friend don't you think? ;-)
Then we walked to Rembrandtplein and sat at L'Opera's terrace, in the hot sun, where we had coffee and diet coke. The treat of the day was 1 little chocolate Easter-egg. We're not allowed that from our diet but hey...

I cooked us dinner. It was a lot of veg and steak. Quite nice.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The protein diet, day 17.

Very early morning I left Simone's because she has to work during Easter. I took the train to Zwanenburg where my car is. This old silo tower belongs to the old sugar factory in Halfweg/Zwanenburg.

I put up a shelf and a coathanger which was nice working on. Now I don't have to use my car;s trunk for storage and I also don't have to put shit on the floor all the time. It also makes it a little bit more "my"garage :-)

When I got home early afternoon I found this Happy Easter card from my folks. Thank you! :-)

I made lunch. I can eat fruit again and small ammounts of dairy so I got low fat yoghurt and low fat cheese. Very nice!

The little Christmas tree that I bought is doing well. New shoots everywhere. The other one died and left me. It didn't survive the mistreatment from it's original owner...

Friday, April 18, 2014

The protein diet, day 16.

This whole week I've been working on a piece of software really, really, really needed to be finished 5 months ago but nobody bothered to test it and now the client needs it a.s.a.p. So My week at work has not been pretty.

Today at least a parcel arrived which made my day :-)

It's my PCV parts for my car. Very nice!

I got the software fixed, tested and completed just in time. And then I went to Simone to start a lovely weekend!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The protein diet, day 15.

This was my lunch. Diet crackers with diet chocolate spread. The spread sucked. When I came home I threw the remaining 2 portions in the bin. The carrot was nice.

I made a selfie because I wore an under-shirt. never did that before thinking it would make me too warm but I liked it!

Also some people think my face got slimmer. I dunno...

For dinner I made a nice little pepper-steak and over a litre of vegetable soup. I ate/drank it all.