Saturday, August 16, 2014

The floats

I re-potted my Christmas tree. Now it has more room to grow :-)

In the evening I went to Koedijk with Simone and the kids. There were floats to see which was s'posed to be fun. All my family goes every year and Simone remembered a few days ago so we went in to have a looksy.

Underwater scene.

No clue...

Fun fair.


Koedijk's windmill. Beautiful mill this is and still fully functional too.

One of the most disappointing floats was about the Olympics.

The second best float this was.

Very ghostly.

DJ Skeletti with a bunch of dancing girls.

Well done folks. A lot of effort went in which showed. Very nice float.

Here's a video:

And of course the village band was floating about as well ;-)

The very best float of all however was this LEGO float.

I loved this housie at the end including the LEGO flowers. Great stuff :-)

Here is a little video of the LEGO float:

This was a float for the late Andre Hazes.

The Cinderalle float I think deserves third prize (there were no prizes though). Great effort. I think they were actually performing a little play from the story.

Cinderella and the Prince.

We walked back over the fun fair, passing the bumper cars.

Some people like to be shaken about.

And last but not least I saw lots of ducks...

It was a fun night but we walked a LOT and it got quite late.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bits of beautiful Amsterdam.

I worked half a day today because Cori was in town with her niece Audrey. We met up and had lunch at Rembrandtplein. There were clouds but also sun so we sat at St James' gate's terrace.

Audrey was keen on doing a little canal-tour so we hopped on a boat.

Lovely views from the water, especially since the weather was great.

(Click for larger version)
This is the Amsterdam that I think everybody should see. The Amstel river, big green trees on the side, small bridges, blue skies, big clouds. The canals really are just smaller version of this image but just as pretty.

A V.O.C ship replica.

House boats next to the Nemo museum.

In the middle there, that's Mulligans. My beautiful Irish pub that fits me like an old raincoat.

We also visited the Begijnhof which is a small community build for retired nuns. Not so much anymore today but there are still only women living there. I've been here many times but I had never been inside the English church. It was open so I had to hop in. It looked nice but it didn't make me Christian again, sorry ;-)

I very much liked this writing above the church entry.

After one more drink I walked the girls to their train back home. On the way I spotted this writing on a house we passed. I want to slap some colleagues around with it if I may...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The new rego.

Yay! The new gegistration of my car came in today. Now it's registered as a 100% petrol guzzler again. Like it was s'posed to be.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Half a rainbow

The distant rain made half a rainbow on my way to work. Maybe it was saying sorry for making me soking wet yesterday...

Only sun when I left work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Second batch?

It was pissing down with rain this morning. I had to carry too much shit and my Ray bans fell and the glasses got scratched. I was pissed off indeed.

These Egyptian geese just received a few little babies. I wonder if it's their second batch...

Monday, August 11, 2014

The magazines

Our magazine collection at work. I'm keeping my car magazines here ;-)

The clouds have been beautiful the past days. Very big and fluffy with bright blue in between.

In the evening I went on the crosstrainer again. It was quite exhausting.