Saturday, April 5, 2014

The protein diet, day 3.

I slept really shit last night but not because of the diet. I did get dizzy spells when I got up quickly or things like that, which IS because of the diet. So the diet needs some adjusting. The website where I order my things has examples that always have 4 protein "meals". However, it also states that you should eat an ammount of proteines according to your weight with a maximum of 6 meals. I weighed 110 kilos when I started so I should eat 110 grams of proteine a day. But I was only getting maybe 70.
So I added a fifth proteine meal.

For breakfast I had some fruit yoghurt which actually tasted pretty decent. Forgot to make a photo, sorry.

I had a pancake and salad for lunch, the pancake is the proteine product here of course. It's actually pretty yummy! I added 2 spoons of olive oil to the salad to avoid obstipation. Nice meal.

My extra "meal". A proteine drink. I DO need this I found out... This was mango-apricot I borrowed from Simone. Tasted very nice!

About an hour before dinner my stomach felt real empty so I drank a small cup of only 9kcal soup. Extremely low on carbs and sugar, adds hardly any proteine but has great flavour and keeps the stomach from growling for another hour.

In the evening we made chili con carne with a lot of veggies. This was a very tasteful meal actually!

Later in the evening I had my fifth proteine product which was a candy bar.

I have lost 3 kilos after two whole days of this diet. I hope it's fat that gone and not muscle or brain tissue ;-)

And in "No-diet news": Simone and I watched the movie "Escape plan" with Stallone and Schwarzenegger in it. Enjoyed it a lot. It's a jailbreak movie but pretty cool :-)

Friday, April 4, 2014

The protein diet, day 2.

Breakfast. Green tea and apple-cinnamon porridge. Don't think I'll buy that again.

For lunch I had the usual proteine pancake which was delicious and a big-ass bowl of salad.
My colleagues feasted on tons of deep fried snacks because a new client of our went live with our software today... I skipped. No sweat.

My afternoon snack was this enormous brownie!

I took small bites to make it last. It tasted pretty damn good I have to say. Crispy outside, soft inside.

On my way home I saw momma goose with 4 little babies. I moved slowly and got as close as I could without scaring them in to the water.

My dinner was chicken curry with beans and peas, very tasty! I added Japanese wok mix and yellow paprika.

And I was mighty pleased that my new subscription came in today. I haven't had a magazine subscription ever since I can't remember. You can guess what it's about ;-)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The protein diet, day 1.

Welcome to my breakfast. I cannot have any dairy during phase 1. People who know me will know how much milk I drink. I have to drink tea now... The bowl contains some chocolate-crispy pudding that I forgot to put in the fridge I think. It tasted OK.

The area close to the ferry has turned into a paid-parking area. The street that my office is on used to be empty. It's full now...

On to my lunch. I'm becoming very aware of my food now. I made a little protein pancake this morning and I brought salad. Can't have juice so I had water. The pancake actually tasted really good.

My valve cover gaskets arrived today. Good stuff.

Around 3PM I had a little protein chocolate caramel crunch candybar. Very nice! None of the ingredients is probably real ;-)

For dinner I put veggies in a wok and I boiled the protein pasta. I need to work on my seasoning. It was kinda... absent ;-)

I survived and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's little food surprises :-)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The protein diet

The red and green areas they painted at the ferry entries seem to be working. Apart from them being very functional, I also love the colour they bring :-)

After work I went to Simone. I'm going to start a protein diet which she's doing as well. I have nothing to loose and maybe I'll drop some weight... So tonight was my official start and we shared chili con carne, but obviously without real carne coz in phase 1 meat and poultry or fish is out of the question. It tasted nice. In addition there are some veggies that you can eat in unlimited quantities so I'm kinda turning in to a rabbit at the moment ;-)

Together we ordered a load of stuff. Protein shakes, puddings, pancakes, snacks, meals, crackers etc. etc.

"Thing" came by to visit.

When I went home there was a big crane at Central Station.

My diet-loot. There's also protein pasta, even protein brownies and candy bars! I'm very excited!

This diet will put my body in a state of ketosis meaning that due to the lack of sugar it will start ëating" my fat. You can't just quit this diet, you have to slowly come out of it otherwise your body gets confused and will turn the first sugar you'll eat in to body fat again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ducks and swans

I sat in the sun while waiting for the ferry after work. These two duckies walked right past me, not scared at all.

And then while the ferry was arriving these two swans came close. Beautiful creatures. There's gonna be baby swans soon I reckon ;-)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Almost sunny!

On the ferry to work. The sun was working hard to get through the clouds.

I like these buildings a lot. It's like a knife cut right through.

The site where once was the Citybox building is still desolate.

When I went hone I just missed my ferry so I had to wait 15 minutes. Two geese were sitting close to me.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The bean bag

I didn't make many pics and when I remembered the weekend was already over... I had a fun day. We went shopping in Beverwijk a bit where we also visited Simone's mom.
In the evening Simone's stomach started hurting real bad though which sucked. I made her hot bean bags. When I left close to midnight it was a lot better thankfully...