Saturday, April 14, 2012

Visiting HQ

Marjolein, Mic and I went out for dinner and then to Mulligans to meet Nantko.

Nantko was doing alright, gaining weight again after a stomach infection made him go below 60Kg. He's just a bit hairy nowadays ;-)

The band was good!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The cat creature

Our shipbuilding friends were constructing.... something towery. Well, they put a new top on. Dunno what it is.

(Click to enlarge)
My colleague Thijs who sits opposite Paul likes having jumbo-sized plants. Nothing wrong with that, so do I. But I keep mine on the floor and Thijs keeps his on his desk. It looks kinda shit I think.

(Click to enlarge)
Jorge, our concierge and chauffeur also drives cherry pickers. In his mind, cherry pickers go really, really fast ;-)

In the evening I went to my colleagues George's house with more colleague to play Magic the Gathering. They now have "cat" creatures so cat lovers can create "pussy" decks...

(Click to enlarge)
Geert, Eelke, Wim, Chris, George, Ms. George (George's wife), Lars (George Jr.), Norbert and then i think Bjorn's kids.

(Click to enlarge)
Norbert, Bjorn, Lars, Geert, Eelke, Wim, Chris, George, Lars (George Jr.).

It was a fun evening and the shoarma was soooooooooo good :-)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The banana box

Part of my lunch. It was nice. Think I'll do it more often.

The fire alarm went off. No fuckery this time because I know they had a drill 2 weeks ago when I was out on the R&D-day. It was a false alarm though probably caused by steam when opening a running dishwasher.

My colleague Tanja has a special box for carrying bananas.

The banana box.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The micro improvement.

First I kept my plastic bags like this.

Now I keep them like this; in a shoe box. Improvement. Yes.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back at the ranch.

After a 15 hour train ride we arrive at Amsterdam Central Station again. Rather knackered...

Marjolein took a train home and I walked towards the ferry with about 350 other orange jackets for one last parade ;-) The busses were waiting across the water.

Welcome back. Yay. So excited... not.

First aid.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Kitzsteinhorn, again!

Click the photos for bigger, sometimes JUMBO-TRON sizes!

So this morning I open the blinds and low and behold, the clouds have gone and it's bright and sunny!

The plan for today was to walk around the Zeller see but since the weather is so good we decided to go to the Kitzsteinhorn one more time to actually enjoy the views.

We caught the bus at the train station, which is next to the Zeller see. Never miss an opportunity for lake photos!

It was quiet and calm and even the ducks were lazing in the sun.

So here we are again. This time we can actually see all the way up the first part of the mountain.

There were icicles the size of a small tree!

That sky...

Below we saw traces of little mountain creatures everywhere.

Pretty soon we felt like we were on top of the world.


Marlon came with us because Alex was ehm... not quite fit enough for anything at the time ;-)

My sunshine.



The Kitzsteinhorn with the Gipfelwelt lookout point.

Lookout point.

The view was sensational. It felt like there was nothing higher. (Actually there is a mountain called "Großglockner" not too far away which is Austria's highest mountain and stands 3798 metres tall).

Being high.

Compare this with yesterday's photo. There is actually a view!

"Is the photo done yet?" I was a bit quick with looking back...

More view.

We only had time for a quick tea but it was a nice rest.

Then we had to go down again. This is the tallest pylon in the world.

One of the rides.


Marlon. She was actually quite brave today because she's afraid of heights!

Marjoleintje :-)

One of my favourite mountain tops.


When we came back we had a few drinks.

Alex' drink, my new drink, my old drink, Bas' drink.

After an early dinner at 4PM we packed up and the exodus started. Here Bjorn and my boss Hans are walking past.

Marjolein with Geert, Norbert, Alex, Marlon and Ira's sister in the background.

"Chippies" (ChipSoft employees) started walking towards the station from all directions like little streams forming a river.

Marlon and Alex.

Bye bye Zell am see. Till next time! :-)