Saturday, September 14, 2013

The photo

This is Eva Jinek. She's on the front of a magazine that's been in my house for a few weeks. Haven't read it yet.
I love this photo. I don't think a woman that looks like this could ever attract me but somehow this photo intrigues me. It's a great photo I think.

Friday, September 13, 2013

40 years of Vincent

Chocolate caramel pie at work for my birthday. I turned 40 today.

Lots of colleagues came to collect a piece. These guys always show up: Geert, Guido, Wim and Norbert.

One of my pie's biggest little fans, Ilse. She's only little but she eats the biggest pieces, awesome, best customer ;-)

The outfit (Tee and glasses) was a gift from Tanja. Yeah, thanks! haha

I left work early coz I took the arvo off. There were 2 Egyptian geese with a baby. Baby was playing Superman.

I was meeting people pre-dinner in Mulligans. When I got there Nicole and Marjolein were waiting for me already. Lovely welcome :-)

Later Danny and Patricia joined as well.

Vincent's angels, 13-09-2013 ;-)

We walked over to Wagamama at 18:30 according to my tight schedule.

Gerrit brought me a little bottle of whisky. I believe this is not a bad one!

Mickey and Nancy.

Eva and Mic.

Gerrit and Patricia.

Mickey, Nancy and Martijn, who joined later.

Had a lovely dinner at Waga's.

Then it was off to the pub where I was surprised by my good friend Jan who rocked up all se way from Sjermany!

Jan, Nancy (= Jan's sister) and Mic. We had a very full table and when people left, others would come in and join us. I had a terrific night, especially because my girlfriend Simone dropped by for a bit as well. She looked fantastic. I was very happy to see her :-)

At 3AM Nancy and I were kicked out together with Ruud and Laurien who arrived after the pics were taken. I haven't been kicked out of the pub for a while ;-)

Danny gave me a comic that looks real cool! The tubs with chocolate goodies are from Nicole, whisky from Gerrit and a T-shirt from Mulligans. I keep telling people not to buy me a gift but some just can't resist ;-)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The calories

The mornings are getting colder rapidly at the moment. People have started wearing (winter)coats again...

When I got to work I couldn't get in because nobody with a key had arrived yet... I watched a spider making a web.

My first birthday card arrived :-)

I want to take 3 cakes to work tomorrow so I was baking all night. First I made 3 crusts.

Then I boiled 750 grams of sugar to make caramel. But when I put in the butter and cream it became a bit violent and it rose to the edge of the pan. Was a bit scary but it worked out and I made delicious caramel :-)

Caramel went in to the crusts.

Then I measured 600 grams of pure chocolate...

... which I melted in warm cream...

... which I poured on top of the caramel.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The ravioli

After work Tanja and I went straight to "Kanen aan het IJ" again for drinks and dinner with Gerrit.

The weather wasn't as great as last week but I did sit in the sun a bit. We had our first few plates of food outside.

My drink du jour ;-)

Ravioli! Very good ravioli too :-)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


... forgot to make pictures...

Monday, September 9, 2013

The necessities

My work cupboard. It's got all the bare necessities. ;-)

I started installing my new computer at work. It's shit ugly... It's not Apple you see.

Shit loads of cables... I hate cables SO much.

In the evening I went to my car to finish sanding the bumper. I spotted this beautiful view.

The colour was changing pretty quick.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I went to my car today to start sanding the front bumper. It's the shittest looking part of my car so I want it to look all good again. First I thought of painting just the unpainted areas but I think I'll just paint the whole thing.

While waiting for the bus I tried out 15x optical zoom on my pocket camera. Pretty impressive...

The town of Halfweg (meaning: half-way).