Saturday, April 28, 2012

The new blinds

Early morning, getting breakfast. It was dark and rainy. The streets were nearly empty. Urgh.

A guy with this poor dog came walking past. Her legs don't work no more but her poophole works beautifully which she demonstrated by leaving a gigantic load right in front of my door. I saw it happening and I was stunned. Even more stunned when the guy walked off, just like that. So I grabbed my keys and ran out on my slippers (not easy running on those...). I told him his dog crapped in front of my house and he says "that's not from my dog". So I explain to him in detail what I'd just seen happening and I told him he was welcome to feel that it was still warm if he wanted! Then he believed me and walked back with me and cleaned it up claiming he had not seen it happening and he wasn't expecting it cos she'd just been somewhere else. As if. This was SO much there could not have been a "somewhere else" already. Glad I caught them.

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Another HDR image, this time showing that this orchid has THREE stalks with flowers.

My Guinness goodies arrived today! A bottle opener and a 2GB usb stick. Nice :-)

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I put up some blinds today. Now I will not be a one man show anymore when it's dark and people walk past. See the full report here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The evil mushrooms

Our government's coalition collapsed last Saturday after 7 weeks of negotiating. We need to cut a lot of costs. Why do we never hear them about the Joint Strike Fighter project? Canceling that will save us billions...

Morning sky... through my crappy iPhone camera.

Moving a house boat.

On my way home I spotted these mushrooms. They look totally evil!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My first HDR picture

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I made this picture using my iPhone this morning on my way to work. Due to the light situation you can hardly see the sub. Nice skies though.

Now keep reading! ;-)

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I recently found out about the HDR technique of combining multiple images of the same object but with different exposures. You usually do this with RAW files or TIFF's because those files maintain their quality better when used for this, but I only had a crappy JPG... Anyway, I made 2 copies of my image using an image editor, both with increased exposure. This was the image with most exposure. Now you can see the sub but the sky is gone.

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But combining all 3 images using a tool called HDRtist (free for OS X) I created this image in which the sub AND the sky looks good!


There were also a few geese.

My office. of course it says "007". What else?!

And it rained.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The DDIY (Don't Do It Yourself)

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I worked from home today because I had to arrange something for the squash tournament I'm organizing at work. Since I save time by not having to travel to work I can sleep a bit longer but not today. There were workmen. Very NOISY workmen! Already being noisy at 7:45. They were so noisy that at some point they were drilling in the wall right behind my computer and i actually left the house. That was not cool...

What was cool however.... Was this drill! Doesn't it look AWESOME?! You can make really gigantic holes with it to put electronic stuff in the wall. It also looks like you can rob a bank with it. I reckon I could...

Then they put out this sign. OK, gas, exciting!

Luckily the very responsible workmen also had their fire extinguisher ready. I felt real safe then. Especially with them smoking fags in front of my house...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Erik van Muiswinkel

Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake! From my colleague Wim O. Thanks! :-)

Marjolein met me at the station and then we had dinner at Molly Malones. Dinner was OK but nothing special.

Back of the church opposite Molly Malone's.

There was a cat in the pub and marjolein liked it a lot, I think the cat liked marjolein as well ;-) I made a few pictures but I think they're all so cute that I can't decide so I'm posting all 4 - hehe.

We went to the theatre later.

It was a full house.

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We saw Erik van Muiswinkel who told us all about his fantasy meeting with Barack Obama. It was a very good show! I liked it very much :-)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Shit weather

The weather sucked. At work I didn't get done what I wanted to do because 1/2 of my day I was arranging for people to test my software and to explain how to do so.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I went to Ikea today where I was s'posed to meet Marjolein. Unfortunately due to a train accident yesterday my train didn't stop here so it drove to the next big station. I managed to contact Marjolein just in time for her to wait for me at that station and we took the bus.