Saturday, July 9, 2016

House = done

It's been very busy the last 2 months with moving stuff out of my house. Now that it's been sold I finally have time for other things like, preparing for our upcoming vacation! Oh and maybe some time with my Mustang...

Friday, July 8, 2016

Bye housie

Today I sold my apartment. It's completely empty now, nothing left, feels weird. Lots of memories...

I'm a little bit sad to sell the place but I'm very happy I sold it. Don't need the hassle of maintaining it for no reason... I hope the new owner makes something very nice out of it.

Since I was very early I waited outside, looking into my street.

The Jacob van Lennepkade. Gorgeous little piece of Amsterdam. Farewell!

At work I celebrated with my colleague Hans. I bought 2 pieces of cake for us.

In the evening Simone and I went to my folks. Some other friends were over and bought them these gifts for my dad's birthday.

I think I can see some similarities ;-)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Happy birthday dad!

Today's my dad's birthday. Turning 76. Best dad ever :-)

He's in this photo with 4 of his brothers. I went to see my folks during the day coz I wanted to see some of their friends and my family again as I haven't in ages. It was very nice visiting!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Piccie break 2

No piccies today either. I have now moved everything out of my house and it's completely empty, ready to be sold this Friday. Can't wait, it's been hectic...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Piccie break 1

I unintentionally took a piccie break it seems...

Monday, July 4, 2016

Moving more stuff

I walked into town to drop off something at the notary. Lovely walk. Not going to have many of these after I sell my house...

When I got back to my place I found this little guy on my floor. Didn't know he lived there. Don't know if it's a big mouse or a very smal rat. I feel sorry for it anyway...

My yard.

My kitchen.

My living room.

My bedroom

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Concours d'elegance 2016

So today I drove to "Paleis 't Loo" which used to be a royal palace. Today it's mainly a museum with lovely parkgrounds. On these grounds, this weekend, the Concours d'elegance 2016 is organised. A concours d'elegance is a fancy car show where basically owners of very rare/old/special/expensive cars come to show off those cars. If you like cars, you have to go see it!

The day started out quite wet. During the morning there were pretty decent showers. In the afternoon it cleared up and the sun came out which was very nice.

Below are some of my best photos, some with comments. I hope you enjoy them :-)

PS: When you click on them, you get the jumbo version.

I was early and some cars were still parked at the stables. It was a great opportunity to see some lovely classic cars like this old Ford.

Darmont Special.



1090 Buick model 10 Touring.



1952 Fiat Zagato.

Being judged...

Immaculate on the inside.


The palace. It looked like the most expensive cars were parked infront of this building. It was nicely done, plenty of space around the cars.

1969 Ferrari 365 GTB4.

Trulu beautiful car.

DeTomaso Pantera.

I don't know what to like best; the front or the rear...

These cars were powered by a Ford 351C 5.7L V8 sitting in the back. My Mustang has the same engine ;-)

1968 Lamborghini 400GT Islero.

1973 Grifo series II. These cars were powered by Ford or Chevy engines. More info here.

Awesome line-up.

1938 Lancia Astura.

1938 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 Super Sport. The sign reads "One of 3 commisioned by Enzo Ferrari, suspension designed by F. Porsche. This car is truly special

After hanging around the palace I went to the fields in the park. The rain made everything ugly...

The Cadillac field was empty because of the rain. People were looking for shelter at the foodtruck there. I took the opportunity to photograph some caddys.

Cadillac Fleetwood.

1941 Cadillac 62 Deluxe coupe.

1935 Rover Wreath Special.

1937 Alvis Sports.

1925 Overland.

1936 Alvis Speed 20.

1969 Triumph TR5.

1964 Amphicar 770.

Here comes one of my favourites. I'd never seen one for real before:

1987 Lamborghini Countach.

What an iconic car this is... I love it.

Some oldies were actually used to "race". I don't think they'll do low 10's but it was fun seeing them go.

One of the park's fields was split up in a parking for companies and a parking for visitors who brought something special. There were some cool cars to be seen there as well.

Alfa Romeo.

Ford Escort.

DAF 33.

Ferrari Testarossa.


Volkswagen Beetle.

1979 Citroën 1600 H.

1970 Mercedes 280SL.

1936 Riley 12/4 Special.

Lots of shine...


The sun came out in the afternoon which was very nice.

I had to have another look at these supercars.

Mid arvo there were more races.

This guy hand build his car from bits and pieces from other cars. The engine however comes from a WWII Spitfire airplane!

After the races I did one more visit to the palace.


1932 Auburn 160 convertible.