Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flowers / LEGO

Waiting for the bus home. Simone had to leave for work early so I left as well.

When I got home they were shooting a movie around the corner. Apparently it was part of a three day shoot for a Spanish movie called "Truman" or "True man".

I had to do up my little garden a bit. I cut off flowers that were half way across the pavement and put them inside. They look nice I think.

Online, I came across this guy that models American muscle cars using LEGO. I got inspired and now I want to make one after my own car. So I downloaded the LEGO builder software for free. Let's see if this is ever gonna happen ;-)

Walking outside to run some errands I noticed the stains that fallen leaves made. They are like stencils.

My throat started to hurt mid-day and by evening I felt a bit pants. I installed the latest version of OS X and then I was done for the day.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The pictureles day

It's another pictureless day, sorry. I worked hard and then went home.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The leftovers

Chicken korma and saag paneer. I love this SO much... These are the leftovers from the Indian delivery last tuesday. Heated up it still tastes amazing!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The sunrise

The sunruse was beautiful this morning.

Everything coloured very pretty.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chocolate and cartoons from Belgium

Yesterday's bounties... A chocolate English wrench and...

The 3rd part of "Amoras" and the 1st part of Stephen King's "The Stand" as a cartoon. Can't wait to dig in!

Monday, October 13, 2014


After one and a half days in Gent we decided to also visit Brugge. So we drove there early morning arriving just before 11AM. Weather was a bit grey but excellent for walking around.
Brugge has fantastic underground parking right near the centre. Super easy to find and from there you walk straight to the Belfort, which is the tower of power behind us.

Gent looked nice but Brugge is a fair bit prettier I find. The buildings also look better cared for.

Lots of water here as well.

Little streets between old buildings.

Apparently Brugge's first inhabitant was this bear, believe it or not. Check the story here:

After walking around the centre we started walking towards the old beguinage. The walk there was lovely and went through little streets, gardens and courtyards.

Yours truly posing in chocolate street numero uno. The number of choclate shops here was nuts. At some point every second shop was a chocolate shop!
We also sat down in a tea room here and had a very nice coffee with... chocolates which we were unable to finish...

Chocolates everywhere...

Arriving at the beguinage.

Inside it was wonderfull and quiet. A mini forrest of tall trees grew in the middle. It looked kinda unreal.

Looking accross through the trees.

In the chapel nuns were ehm, chanting? Singing? There were few and they were all old. Living history. Soon religion will be a thing of the past and it will just be history...

Outside of the beguinage. This was as far as we walked out of the centre. My camera's battery ran empty and we walked back to the car, hit the road and went home.

It was a lovely weekend together with Simone.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gravensteen castle and more

After breakfast today, we first went back to the graffiti ally across the street. I loved the colours there!

But the real reason we went there was to locate a geo-cache that Simone found on her geo-cache app on her phone. After looking around for a while I found the cache stuck against the inside of metal bars with magnets :-)

We then walked towards the castle "Gravensteen" which we wanted to visit. Its entrance is at the square where we had dinner last night.

The castle was really fun to visit. It's not to big, lots of things and ways to photograph the castle itself or your lovely girlfriend ;-)

Great views though the entire city is crawling with cranes from all the construction that's being done everywhere...

We made it to the top!


More windows ;-)


Simone sitting in front of the donjon.

I can really recommend a visit to the castle. It's under construction here and there but they've done most of it now. There are also some medieval attributes on display such as swords, guns and torture devices.

When we left the castle, another geo-cache was located nearby. The pointer was kind of in the middle of the square, yeah right. Thankfully a clue pointed out a tiny ally which we found. "You need a tall person to find this cache" was another hint.

The cache was hidden in a hole high in the wall inside the ally. Second cache today! :-)

The weather was OK again. Perfect for walking around and enjoying all the pretty houses and bridges.


Houses along one of the main canals. A big display of wealth.

We walked out of the centre a bit to find a third cache and later a fourth one.

What a pretty little face :-)

Then we walked back in town again, spotting the odd statue here and there.

Dinner in the evening wasn't great unfortunately. Service was slow and distant. When we left it was pouring down with rain so we had desert at the hotel. We were both very tired from walking all day long.

Another great day!