Saturday, September 20, 2014

The old train (NS1202)

I left Simone's early as she went to work anyway and I was going to do some DIY at Marjolein's place today. Getting home to pick up tools was a nightmare. I think it was thanks to all these people walking here. My regular bus was too full and one even left me standing at the busstop. I was mighty pissed...

To top it all off, someone or something had pissed again and through my fence and it needed cleaning before it started smelling and getting sticky and all that. Disgusting.

At Marjolein's I hung up 6 frames containing bird's wings. It's kinda like collecting butterflies, just slightly bigger...

Also I hung up 2 hooks so she could enjoy her new hammock. The hooks seemed to be holding...

On the way back I spotted this old train.

It's an old Dutch Railways (NS) locomotive from the 12xx series.

Lovely train setup.

I was home only to have a shower and a small break. Then I went to Simone again to visit her neighbours for a birthday.

I can't remember ever having travelled by public transport so much...

Friday, September 19, 2014

A wee poker tournament

A colleague of mine organised a poker tournament tonight after work. We setup just after 5PM.

About 30 of us were happy to pay and play.

My stack didn't really want to grow much and I was out just after the first hour :-(

My table.

2nd table.

3rd table.

I didn't wait to see who won but went to Simone instead.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The smoothie

Simone made me a smoothie for breakfast. I know, it doesn't look it but it tasted nice!

Today the Scots get to vote for their independence. I'm hoping they'll vote yes so that they can be without the English.

I went to my car straight after work today. I found out that the light bulb is indeed OK but then I also found out that the printed circuit at the back is broken and needs fixing or even replacing. Thing is... I don't know how to get the instrument cluster out. Something seems stuck...

I took the instrument panel home for cleaning, maybe touching up the chome details and replacing the green indicator lights with orange to give it my own personal touch :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The updates

I hate it when this happens when you want to shut down or reboot. I left work.

I met Simone and Milan at the baseball field. Milan is batting pretty OK for a beginner!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Opening the dash

After a quick dinner tis evening I went to my little pony. I wanted to open up the dash to figure out why the left turning signal light wasn't working anymore.

So I opened it up. You can see the light for the "right" indicator.

But the "left" is empty!

I saw the little bulb lying near the end of the steering column and took it home thinking it was broken. It wouldn't work wether I put it on the right or the left. And the other bulb from the right, worked fine in the left as well! So All the wiring is still OK...

So I left it for another day to put the whole thing back together again.

Reminder for the motor oil type ;-)

Only after an hour I noticed that my garage-lord's Mustang was there again. It's still for sale but the shop needed the room for something else. Lovely car.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The motor experience

I had to wake up very early today. Even earlier than normal at Simone's, which is already too early! I was at the busstop at 6:35.

I went to the station and took a train to Heemskerk.

What was going on at Heemskerk?

That's right, not a single thing... Apart from Danielle, Simone's sister, picking me up with her car because we were going to try riding a motorbike!

We'd both never driven one and we were curious what it would be like. So in 4 hours we got to know the bike and learned some basics. All this was done in a group of 6 people and the instructor.

The exercises were not very easy! Except at the end when we had to do stuff while driving.

Easy peasy.

Here's me doing a little circus act ;-)

This was a little exciting at the end (not on video) coz when I put my left foot down I accidentally kicked my bike in to neutral... After that I was done with all these tricks.

It was really cool and fun to do this and I learned a lot! I had a great morning :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pruning the tree

Simone and I pruned the tree in her garden. We removed a shitload of branches but it doesn't really show! The tree does look neater though. Job well done :-)