Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy anniversary mom and dad!

My mom and dad threw a party today for their 40th wedding anniversary. The actual anniversary was yesterday.

About 75 people showed up for a high tea. It was a very enjoyable and fun afternoon!

Mom and dad opening.

Anita, someone I don't know and my cousin Margareth.

Rina clearly enjoying herself ;-)

My mom's sister Heleen and my mom.

Cassie, Frank, Ilse, dad, my cousin Margareth, aunty Heleen and my mom.


The party place in Alkmaar.

Around 6PM my mom and dad said an emotional thanks to everyone. They were quite impressed seeing so many friends and family. I'm very happy for them that it turned out so well :-)

Yours truly. Thanks mom and dad for a very fun day :-)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Watering the plants

This morning I found out how the council waters the plants. In a VERY LAZY way! It's actually quite a ridiculous exercise because we've been getting downpours every day for the past weeks...

I went to Mulligans with Marjolein and met Kees there. I was quite happy sloshing down a few whiskies :-)

The band was good but not as good as yesterday...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The hose

This summer is soooooo bad. It rains incredibly often, it's one of the wettest I've ever been in. It's sunny one minute and we get torrential downpours the next causing basements to flood etc. It's nerve wrecking for me in my little house because it's a bit below street level...

In the evening I went to Mulligans, Max was working.

I met Ruud for a few pints and some grub.

The band was good. I will have to see them again tomorrow night!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Little creatures

The cranes that helped attaching a heli-pad on to one of the crane ships left again this morning. There were two of these monsters and each crane has a dedicated truck (with even more axles!) carrying the crane's weights. One of these trucks also carried a little car for the guys to drive around in.
I guess it's a bit hard driving the crane around town...

On my way home I spotted these flowers. The plants had loads of flowers and the bumble bees were lovin' it! I took some shots that worked out surprisingly well.

Have a look!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I know that it wasn't 25 degrees C this morning but it's still summer instead of a wintery -10 C with snow and a ball-freezing wind. WHAT'S WITH THE BLOODY COAT?!

Crane is still here. It's still huge. Love it. Want one...

I felt crap today and nearly broke down when I got home. But, I got my ass on the crosstrainer and worked out like a mad man. Endorphins made me feel better again.

197 calories is an absolute record for a 20 minute session btw. Cool :-)

Monday, July 30, 2012

The mural

Waiting for the ferry.

When I left work, all of the sudden there was this HUGE crane!

There's a tele-crane next to it with a guy in a container hanging off of it. It gives you an idea of the size.


Very big... The whole thing is a crane-platform. It positions itself in the water and then lowers the 4 legs and fixes itself on the ocean bed hence creating an artificial island to work from. Awesome structure.

My dinner was made of tomatoes, green beans, free range chicken all in an oregano sauce with a small side salad.

In the evening I quickly dropped by Nicole and Collins. Collins made this mural. I like it very much.

He showed me the secret bit behind the clock: a moon.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moving Alie

10:30, waiting for the tram to take me to Alie who's moving house today. Third time I'm moving her now.

Alie in her old garden (she lived here before) after a few loads of her stuff.

Marian came to bring lunch!

Severine, Alie, Gerrit and Alie's youngest brother. It was nice seeing Sevie again :-)

Marian and Sev. The lunch she had prepared was fantastic. Lots of different things including tomatoes and carrots. Yum!

Ruud, Sev's boyfriend. He was eating, sorry I didn't get a better picture ;-)

Shot across the Amstel river towards town during one of the walk backs to her old place.