Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Haasje Klaas Klup

This morning I picked up the trophy for my squash tournament at work. I had the 2014 winner's name engraved in it. Next year is already the fifth edition. Super :-)

In the evening Simone and I had dinner with friends. We formed the Haasje Klaas Klup which is a gang of 8 (4 ex colleagues and their partners) and we have dinner a couple of times a year. Usually at a restaurant called Heasje Cleas in Amsterdam but sometimes elsewhere.

Last night we went to HC and it was a fun evening! :-)

Mara and Patricia.

Simone, Laurien, Ruud, Remy and Mara.

Laurien, Ruud, Remy and Mara.

Patricia and Martijn.

Friday, May 16, 2014

What a tramp!

The whole CityBox building has finally been taken down. Now they just need to get rid of the debris. Then they'll probably leave the site for years before building anything new... I reckon they should build houses there.

A tramp docked next to my work...

At 16:00 hour on Friday I always grab myself a beer. I need to celebrate the end of my working week.

On my way home I quickly bought some hoses for my car. I now have all the parts to finish fixing the PCV system. When that's done and the engine runs, I'm going to have my car checked and hopefully have it running all through the summer :-)

At home I cleaned up my tools in the kitchen. Also I moved some stuff to my shed. Everything looks less messy now. The little Christmas tree is growing well!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Checking on the pony

Baby geese on my way home.

In the evening I went to my car. I needed to drop off some stuff and pay up.

It was nice seeing my car again. I still love the shelve and the coathanger I put up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The frogs

On my way to work, enjoying the view from the ferry. It seriously never bores me.

After work I went to Simoe. Behind her house is some water with big ass frogs in it! They were about 10cm tall and they were just hanging off of the water lillies.

In the evening we tried going for a run but unfortunately had to give up due to an injury.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Heino tape

The ferry is just getting busier and busier...

Lunch. Healthy lunch.

After work I went to Mulligans to meet Gerrit and Marjolein. I had my first pint in months.


Gerrit bought me a little gift to test my 8-track player in my car. I might be able to give it a shot on thursday if I manage to get to my car... Cheers Gerrit! :-)

Across the street from Mulligans. The view along this little canal is always beautiful.

Monday, May 12, 2014


My colleague Cees gave us cake today! I hope that this year he will learn how to smile normally ;-)
The treats were lovely though. Thank you Cees! :-)

To counter the cake-effects I got on the crosstrainer again tonight. I did well.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's day

I visited my family today for mother's day. My mom made a very nice lunch. Here's my dad digging in.

Cassie was there and their Jack Russel called Pip. I'm still very impressed with Pip's behaviour. She's a doll :-)

Ilse and my mom. It was nice seeing everybody again and the food was lovely.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Simone had called the water guys to come back and this time check the right bloody pipe. And sure enough they now found a crack on their turf instead of our's. This is good because now they can pay for it.

On my way back Simone and Milan came to pick me up in Zaandam. I saw this building for the first time when walking to the car. It's the Inntel Hotel in Zaandam. I love it :-)

When I got back, Milan and I filled up the hole that they left (they only fixed their own digging...). I'll put the bricks back in later this week.

After all the sewer crap I thought I'd take us all out to McDonalds so that we can start using our fixed sewer drain very soon! ;-)