Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sail 2015

Tonight Simone and I went to Sail 2015, an event where insane amounts of ships come to Amsterdam with amongst them some of the largest and/or most famous in the world. Sail is held every 5 years. We drove down and walked the last bit.

Soon we were surrounded by boats...


And there were tons and tons of people. Very crowded.


Pirate ship. Well, that's what I call it. I know nothing about ships.


There were lots of little boats floating in between.

The Esmeralda was there as well. It's a very controversial ship because it was used by Marcos to torture prisoners. It's a beautiful ship though but, should it be put on stage like this or not?


Quite a few people with apartments nearby were giving parties.

And then it got dark.

There was a concert of famous Dutch singer Jeroen van der Boom.

When the concert was over it was promptly followed by fireworks.

And that was that. We strawled back to our car and Simone dropped me off at my house because tomorrow I'm going to drive to an oldtimer festival with my car :-)

Friday, August 21, 2015


The old bus platforms at Marnixstraat are now gone and they're making a nice looking square. Nice!

In the game "World of warriors" that I play, I was fighting a guy called Vincent. Funny.

After work I helped Larissa delivering papers.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The house-prices

There's a merry-go-round at the NDSM for SAIL.

Still very busy on the water.

That's where it's all happening.

I wanna sell my place so I checked prices around me. They've been going up a lot!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Chevy / Sail 2015

This car's been parked in my hood for a few weeks now. It's a Chevy, possibly an Impala but I'm not sure. The plate is from Turkey. That was a long drive!

It's in reasonably good shape though.


From the ferry I saw this yellow submarine docked close to my work.

Today Sail 2015 started which means a lot of tall ships were sailing past my work. I went up the roof with some colleagues to make photos. I was a bit early so I took some photos of the surroundings.

The "Kraanspoor" building. You need to click the photo to enlarge so you can actually see it ;-)

Colleagues walking down below.

The first tall ship to sail past was the "Stad Amsterdam".

One of my bosses was flying a professional drone with a camera which was very cool! The police doesn't think it's cool though so he pulled it in when the chopper came very close ;-)

A navy ship was second.

A guy from the shipyard next door made the painting booth his personal skybox :-)

Pigs in space ;-)

More ships followed, click the photos for larger versions:

This is a secret in our building. A little bar in the top of the little tower. It's got a beer-tap, sink and a fridge. It's friggin' dirty upthere but it's professionally made with very nice wood.

Ceiling light.

And then more ships came:

It was fun seeing all those ships sail past but I couldn't stay till the last one...

In the evening I cycled to the other side of Amsterdam Noord with Simone and Milan to see where he had to go the next morning.