Saturday, December 10, 2011

The gifts

My mom had organised a dinner tonight. Marjolein and i were invited as well as Ilse and Cassie.

The girls had bought us all presents! One was a glass ball with an angel inside.

It has a little light in it.

It makes different colours!

I like it a lot :-)

The other pressie was a candle + holder. It's very nice :-)

When I got home I got the gift of Jesus. There was a text inside that was supposed to sound scientific:

"When you see a relatively simple thing like a house, you know it's build by someone. The house didn't magically appear at some random point in time. You also see people building houses. When you look at the earth and everything on it you realise it's much more complex and it cannot be something that was randomly created out of nothing. That is because it's creator is God".

Something like that. Can you believe it? Honestly... It's fucking insulting my intelligence!

At least I also got 2 nice cards from my mom and dad and one from Ilse and Cassie.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Central Station Christmas tree

I took the mini van to work today. I waited with a few colleagues.

Central Station ha a big Christmas tree in front of it now and lots of other lights. Very nice. It's so cool that the construction there is finally over!

I took Marjolein out to dinner at Szmulewicz. It was lovely to eat there again. Very nice place indeed.

After dinner we went to Mulligans. It was an explosion of Christmas decorations inside. Good stuff!

The band was very good.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cake, salad and chocolate

Quite different from yesterday but just as beautiful were the colours in the sky this morning.

(Click to enlarge)
I put up my Christmas lights again.

And I cleaned up my desk. I can actually see it again now!

There was cake too. Quite yummy cake with a shit load of whipped cream..... and no forks *grin*

Of course everybody who knows me well also knows that I am all about healthy eating. So there was salad for lunch. Quite nice salad I have to add!

When I got home my boss' Sinterklaas gift had arrived after a bit of a cock-up at the post. It's a chocolate letter. Yummm :-)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The rays

(Click to enlarge)
I saw the most fantastic sun rays ever today, cutting through the clouds like a hot knife through butter.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy birthday Sinterklaas!

It's Sinterklaas' birthday today!

Candy all 'round :-)

I watched a very funny episode of Bottom tonight.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Cake shop DIY

The tax office found me again today...

I bought a marzipan fishy.

(Click to enlarge)
In the evening I went to Nicole's shop to start fixing things. There's pieces of wall missing and I couldn't stand the look of it. I was dying to fix it ;-)


(Click to enlarge)
... after.

(Click to enlarge)
I also fixed 2 new panels in the corner next to the window.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The bird sanctuary

And some 
I went to Marjolein today and she showed me the bird sanctuary where she works.

(Click to enlarge)
This is a young gannet.

(Click to enlarge)
Birds stay here for a day or almost the rest of their life. It depends on what's wrong with the little creature. Most birds will be released close to their natural habitat again. Some birds can stay in a bigger space with lots of other birds.

(Click to enlarge)
And some needs less birds around them; Jays.

(Click to enlarge)
A few herons come begging for food here. They've been rescues once and found their accomodation a little too comfortable ;-)

I had to take the bus home. It was nearly empty again. Awesome!