Saturday, August 27, 2011

Van Dik Hout

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One of my orchid's flowers has fully opened. It's beautiful.

I watched another episode of "Bottom". It was funny and it made me laugh.

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While it was still sunny I painted my fence. 5 minutes after I was done it started pouring down with rain but the fence stayed dry thankfully.

The rain came from these clouds. Beautiful clouds but the rain was shit...

Then I got a text from Marjolein asking if I felt like coming out to the Uitmarkt. This is a cultural festival where you can try out shows of known and unknown bands, artists and the like.

We had a seat and a drink first.

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Then we watched a famous Dutch band called "Van Dik Hout" which I had wanted to see for a long time. And now I have! :-)

There was also classical music.

On my way home, Carlos and Lindsay were playing at Leidseplein. Mind the little toilet bowl where you can donate, funny.

Friday, August 26, 2011

More colleagues.

I brought my computer speakers to work today. They're old but good. We enjoyed music all day long :-)

Colleagues came to our window a lot today!




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The sky over Amsterdam on my way home. We're getting a bit of rain today. This wasn't looking very good.

While waiting for the tram a man fell, maybe he tripped, I didn't see it happening. But 5 coppers came to help him up and check him out.

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The tower of the Wester kerk.

I am growing a new plant for my desk at work.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More colleagues.

This morning my orchid's flower had opened completely. It's small but beautiful nevertheless :-)

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A big cruiser was holding up my ferry. We had 30 seconds to board...

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Buildings on my way to work.

View on my way to work.

My colleague Joop.

My colleague Nicolette.

My colleague Nick.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A new flower

My orchid kinda stopped growing after I came back from vacation. Fair enough, the weather has been so shit that I don't blame it for not growing anymore. It's still making me 2 new flowers though. One opened during the night.

I worked from home in the morning and took the afternoon off so I could get a few things done.

I met Marjolein later and we went to get some poffertjes... after we went to have cake ;-P

I finally have a name tag on my door.

Finally I managed to put up my home-made fence door. I was scared the hinges wouldn't hold but they do remarkably well!

As a bonus I also made a hook to keep it opened properly.

At the end of the afternoon my orchid's flower had opened up even more.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The smell

While waiting for the bus there was this really bad pee smell. Then I looked behind me and remembered the public toilet (men-only...)

In the evening I put a piece of wood on the wall. It's stuck on very well but I'm not sure it will hold my door...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Good morning

I was having a pretty rough morning. I was very fast asleep, dreamed something really stupid and woke up with a headache and floppy legs. Thankfully it got better during the day.

I'm caring for my colleague Tanja's plant as well now while she's got holidays. It's only little still.

Björn was the reception window victim du jour.

This ship, the Ocean Orc can submerge a few metres and then lift stuff out of the water. That's why it's got this shape. Pretty neat!

I played squash with my colleague Paul today who kicked my ass to say the least, but not as much as he used to! His condition must have gotten really bad! ;-)

At museumplein they're preparing for the cultural festival "De uitmarkt".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The look

I painted one side of my fence today. Drying takes a bit long, I hope I can get it in without doing too much damage tonight. (Due to rain that is forecast I'm not gonna leave it outside...)

This is the "before" picture.

The "After" picture.

I also opened up my pad at the back. I wanted to examine the state of the wood and I wanted to see what was underneath. It turns out it sits on piles of brick and tiles and it's based on a concrete floor. The wood was dry on the bottom. The beams were wet on the outside but they seemed in good shape still. Strong enough to put a little shed on!

I also worked on my review website a bit.