Saturday, September 10, 2011

The pretty girl

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I like clear communication. It should be straightforward, honest, to the point and direct. This is a perfect example. It could've been a little bit more constructive though I think.

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Marjolein wore her hair in a knot today. I absolutely love it! Don't you? I think she's purdy ;-)

We went shopping. I got some new cake-baking tools which you might see on tomorrows blog. We had some chips at this place. Very, very nice chips might I add.

The pigeons were waiting for us to leave Marjolein's balcony so they could get to the food. Life can be tough...


Friday, September 9, 2011

CS-BBQ 2011

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Marjolein came to my work, yay! She was coming along to the ChipSoft BBQ.

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It was a nice BBQ. The food was good and quite some folks turned up.

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My colleague Tanja and partner Patrick were fun to hang out with :-)

My colleague Gioia was a good sport and went to get some cotton candy with me. I think this photo was taken before the big scare caused by a part of the bouncy castle collapsing and 6 or 7 kids ended up in a pile, unable to get themselves out of it. I tell you, bouncy castles ain't for kids man...

That's right. Cotton candy. It was good. And sticky. And messy. It got everywhere. It barely missed my underpants!

The boy-scouts were there too, making a fire. There's always a few. Tomorrow their moms will be complaining about their smoke-smelly clothes...

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When it got dark Marjolein and I left and walked to the ferry. We saw a spot at the end of the quay where it was nice and quiet. We sat there with our legs dangling above the water enjoying the silence and the waves made by passing ships.

Later on we had some drinks at the IJ-kantine.

Great evening with my sunshine :-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The transporter

During lunch my shipyard neighbours were moving about some big shit.

It required a special truck to move it around.

Here's a small video of the vehicle.

Their little forklifts were wrestling with the monument I photographed a few days ago. God knows why because on my home I saw it was in exactly the same spot it was in before...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The movie

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Work invited everybody to the cinema to watch a movie. You were free to bring somebody along. Mic came with me and we went to Pathe Arena. Never been there before, was a nice place! Cool ceiling they had too!

Geert was in the seat in front of me.

We saw "Colombiana". It was certainly entertaining. A movie you can switch your brains off for, not required. I like that after I've been using them all day already!

Directions at the Arena (Ajax) stadium.

The square where the Arena, Heineken Music Hall and the Pathe cinema are.

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Mic paying for his car.

Mic dropped me off at my place and we loaded the bags of sand for his folks. Glad we got that done, too. On Mic's way out a cricket had climbed on to my fence.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


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SCH54 "Franziska" is lying next door for a bit of a face-lift.

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This used to be the nose of a ship. It's been removed and made in to a monument. However, it looks shit and was treated accordingly. A while ago it was tipped over and after having been tipped over for nearly a year it was finally removed and taken to our neighbours.

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I never knew it was a monument. Apparently it was erected early 90's...

The Swan family is still complete. Good to see :-)

I left work a bit early so I could buy some wire nuts. I took the power off and wanted to do this while it was still a bit light.

In the red circle are 2 black wires each coming out of it's own pipe. I noticed this and instantly got very happy because...

... outside at the back there are also 2 wires coming out of 1 pipe each! And I still needed to find a way to bring electricity to the back for when I'm going to build my shed! Looks like I've found a way now! :-)

Monday, September 5, 2011

The super mandarin

When I was a kid, I believe mandarins were half the size, no?

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The sky as I walked to Mic's place after work.

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Mic, Noortje and Yaan.

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Spider in the tramstop on my way home after squash.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Filling holes

I wanted to fill a few holes in the plaster on my neighbour's outside wall. I wanna paint over it so it needs to be a bit neater first.

In goes the cement.

And done. It's not all slick but it's well filled and after a bit of sanding it will be smooth enough to paint.