Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Moon eyes

Baseball today!

And more Hot wheels!

This little van shows the Moon eyes logo. A well known brand in hotrod-land.

Friday, June 5, 2015

No pics, sorry.

I worked, had snacky lunch, went home, delivered ads with Simone because Larissa had to go to a party. Lucky girl. And it was s'posed to storm real bad but then it didn't. That's all really...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The strawberry eater

In the early days they used to just hammer concrete poles into the ground. These days they pour concrete in a deep hole that shapes as a pole when it solidifies. What I didn't understand was:
To create the hole, the tip of the cylinder that's hammered into the ground must be closed off. But to be able to pour in the concrete and then remove the cylinder there can't be a closed off tip!
Today I figured out how this all works and it's really simple. The cylinder sits on a loose tip and the tip stays in the ground. DUH! There's another one of Vincent's mysteries solved ;-)

Boinky boinky, all day long. Oh suddenly I have to think of rabbits. Nevermind that...

Back at Simone's ranch I was at the back. Simone has this strawberry plant sitting there and somebody else was very interested in it!

"Mmmh, I like that one!"


Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I went to my car to re-paint the damaged area. The primer dried well.

I had to put on quite a few layers. I'm not even halfway through here... The result is not as good as the previous time, I should've sanded it better but hey, it's a rush job so what can you expect? I'm happy if it's white instead of broken...

I came across this photo of a billboad from '71 on the internet. I like.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The walk

This week there are 4 evenings where kids can go for organised walks of 5 or 10km. If you walk all 4 evenings you deserve a medal. So Milan is walking the 10km with a few kids from his school too. It's a pretty decent walk I tell ya! And it's pretty awesome of Milan to walk the 10 km (plus an additional 2-3 from his school to the starting point).

Tonight the weather was kinda crazy. It rained a little bit but most of all it was incredibly windy.

The views were great though.

Tall grass was waving and waving in the endless winds.

The Twiske mill was standing still, just holding position in the strong wind.

I couldn't chose between these two photos so here they are both ;-)

Monday, June 1, 2015


My Christmas tree is growing bigger yet again. I guess he's happy where he is :-)

In the evening I visited Ruud and Laurien. Laurien is expecting a baby girl, she's due to arrive any day now!

Mister Ruud.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The clean-up

So... we discovered that some times ago a little accident had happened and remained unnoticed for days or possibly weeks... A bottle of washing liquid had fallen down and cracked. Not just a normal bottle but unfortunately an XXL bottle :-(

The clean-up, including moving stuff out of the way carefully and also cleaning underneath the lino, took a whopping 3 hours or so but we do have a clean, nice smelling corner again ;-)

Then I went to my car. The scratch I made last thursday is just paint but it makes the car look like shit so I want it fixed asap. Today I sanded the spot and put a primer on.

I also worked on the trunk a bit. I haven't found any serious rst on the trunk floor yet which is good. All of it is superficial sofar.

Oh, and I scored a few more hotwheels yesterday ;-)