Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Artis visit

Marjolein and I visited Artis today. The weather was awesome and we were there basically all afternoon.

Here are some of the best pictures I took:

Early evening we had dinner at a thai resto and then took a tram in to town. We walked past the fountain, beautiful as always :-)

There was a great band playing in Mulligans but I had to leave early unfortunately.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The fox

I happened to be in the neighbourhood *cough* and visited Marjolein at her work at the bird sanctuary.  I think it's very cool how she handles the birds like she's always done so :-)

After dinner we cycled in to the dunes to spot foxes.


And there it is! Probably about 150 metres away, photo taken with loads of zoom. It just sat there and looked at us. Until we got boring and then it disappeared in to the woods... Beautiful!

Very cool light coming through the trees.

There were also loads and loads of bunnies.

And deer. Well, we only saw this one.

And oxes.

The sunset was very pretty.

And then we cycled home again.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swan family update

A bit of a harbour is being created for the HISWA 2012 which is in Amsterdam close to my work this time.

A gigantic ship has docked next door. First i thought they'd build a new apartment block overnight but no...

It's a "vehicle carrier" according to the ships details.

A coot made a nest. More baby birds must be on their way!

The swan family is still complete. The youngsters have learned to look for food, which is what they were doing. It's nice to see they're all still there :-)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dinner at Mr Tong's

The Wilson was delivering whatever it was delivering again.

The neighbours at work were sanding a ship aaaaall day long. Because it was warm and humid we had to keep the window open for some fresh air but the noise was very bad. Like we were sitting next to a running vacuum cleaner all day :-(

There was Coke Zero in the fridge again!

In the evening I went out for dinner to Mr Tong's. The crappy looking place opposite the street was demolished.

I had dinner with Collins and Nadia. I'd never met Nadia before but it was nice meeting her.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Alles behalve"

So far the brand new jetty is in use by the ducks who are happily crapping all over it...

Sun was hot in the tram already.


There was a new ice cream guy. I dunno what happened to the old one.

It brought out a lot of people. I hadn't been in a while so I got some too :-)

Two of these gigantic mobile cranes drove past to our neighbours. I've not seen them this huge before. They had 9 axles.

Mother duck has only lost 1 out of 7 ducklings. 3 were being lazy in the sun and 3 were in the water.

Today's dinner.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Blast from the past

The morning ferry.

I saw this lying on the floor at work. It gave me flash backs to when I was still putting my own computers together. Thank god I don't do that anymore these days. I just buy Macs now :-) They probably have the same but made of gold or something hehe.

A baby grebe being fed. One other baby was a bit further away. I guess the third one carked it :-/

Home-bound ferry.

Dinner at home before squash.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The work bench.

It rained a lot today. I was confined to my comfy home and played computer games. This game is called Galcon Fusion. It's about getting all the planets by killing your opponents. Above you see purple attacking red. My planets are in the bottom right corner: light green.

Red is not happy and doesn't want to lose any ships so choses to flee. At the top purple is overrun by orange.

Moments later yellow attacked purple from the yellow planet to my left. Both yellow and orange needed quite some ships for their attacks so I in turn attacked both orange and yellow.

It paid off because I won this game :-)

After having such a useless day I wanted to feel my blood going so I got on my cross trainer.

In the evening I designed a small workbench for in my little shed. A man needs a workbench!