Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy birthday mom!

This morning I drove my car to a DIY-garage. You can rent a car-lift and get dirty. I needed to change the first 2 pieces of my exhaust: the front pipe and the catalytic converter.

Lucky for me the chief wasn't too busy and he offered to help me a bit. He had years of experience replacing exhausts so that was cool. Appears he also seen me around Mulligans a few times, my local watering hole. Together we got the job done in 90 minutes, this includes taking it apart once due to a leaking connection. I saved a few hundred euros doing it this way and my car doesn't make that rattling noise anymore :-)

In the evening we visited my mom and dad coz it was my mom's birthday.

Cassie and Ilse were there as well and we had a very nice time :-)

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