Saturday, March 19, 2016

Putting in the carb spacer

I went to my Mustang today to put in the carb spacer.

I'm hoping it will improve hot starts and fuel boil during and after a ride.

I removed the carb and filter. I saw the inside of the intake manifold for the first time ever which was pretty cool (for me). It was surprisingly clean inside!

This is the spacer I put in. It's 1 inch thick.

And voila, one spacer including gaskets.

It sits nicely and there's still plenty of clearing from the hood.

I also added 2 layers of clear coat to my trunk for extra protection. It's a pity that you can now see the paint I didn't remove even better but hey, it's 100 times better than a rusty trunk!

Starting the car went very well. Even though there was no fuel up the line from the pump, I cranked the engine for about 12 seconds and then left it a bit (I waited another 30 seconds because cranking heats certain parts up a lot so you have to take it easy). Then it fired up on the second start and it ran well.


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