Saturday, April 30, 2016

The busy day

Today I was all over the place... First I had to pick up the squash trophy for work. Then I had to drop off more moving boxes at my house. Then I was meeting someone who came to buy my blender. Then I emptied the pictured little shed because I'm going to sell it. When I was done at my place I drove to my Mustang to drop off parts that I was storing at home. With the new shelves I put up earlier this week I can now store them with my Mustang. And while I was there I also worked on removing the 2 stuck bolts a bit.

I'm not sure what to do with my little tree. I like it a lot. I bought it so now I find it my responsibility to care for it and I don't want to throw it away...

I managed to get one of the bolts out completely! It had magically loosened and came out real easy using a left-turning drill bit. The other one is still stuck and I've started drilling it out now.

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