Thursday, July 21, 2016

Italy 2016, day 4.

For dinner today we wanted to go eat in the town of Grado. Finding agreement on where to eat was not easy. We would've ended up at the worst tourist trap in town if it wasn't for a Dutch couple sitting behind us. They overheard us and the gentleman very kindly pointed out to us where we should go for the finest pizza in town. How awesome! So we walked to this place called Caina (facebook page) and sat down.

My calzone was delicious :-)

Lateron the Dutch couple came to have dinner here as well. The lady wears the green dress, just left of the center.

There were other nice looking restaurants in the old town.

We went for a little walk after dinner.

Big church in the center.

Just after we got on the boulevard it started raining and we went back to our car.

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