Sunday, July 24, 2016

Italy 2016, day 7 - Trieste

We drove to Trieste today, eventhough it was quite hot again. We parked a little bit too far away from town so we had to walk in for about 30 minutes which was a pity. That's what you get if you don't plan ahead. We decided to do this visit in the spur of the moment you see...

Anyway, as soon as we could we sat down on a terrace somewhere for lunch. Inside I found this chair and couldn't resist making a selfie ;-)

Trieste has a beautiful old part but unfortunately we didn't get further than this...

I did manage to get inside to make a few photos though.

Looking up.

This is in the center of the dome, wonderful!

Then we started to walk our way back to the car. Simone and I made a quick selfie.

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