Monday, August 1, 2016

Italy 2016, day 15.

This morning we visited a little village calles Aqualeia. There are some Roman remains there that interest me a lot. This is an old Roman road.

One of the views further away. I love this photo, I'm thinking of having it printed...

There was also a cemetary for soldiers. This beautiful statue was there.


Aqualeia church. I was the only one allowed in because my T-shirt had sleeves (short ones) and my shorts were long enough... Bit silly I think but who are we to change their rules...

After all this "boring" Roman stuff we went to an outlet shopping centre a bit further up the road. They did have a lot of cool shops I must admit.

However, I sometimes found photographing a butterfly more exciting ;-)

I did end up buying some Nike air's and other clothes so I was pretty happy with that.

In the evening there was another beach party.

So it was cocktail time again. YAY!

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