Friday, September 23, 2016

The BBQ / Silver the cat

This evening we had out annual BBQ at work. It was a big thing due to our company's 30th anniversary!

I got there with some colleagues pretty early, the weather was lovely.

After 5PM it got gradually more busy.

Some folks I know from the skiing trips. Here are my colleague Alex, his wife Marlon, both very nice and fun people, and their kids. I taught one of them how to eat with chopsticks.

Party people everywhere.

Sam was in a party mood as well :-)

Lateron there was a little speech from my boss.

And of course some music.

Meanwhile the sun was setting.

When I got home, nobody was there. Apparently they all went on a cat-mission on the other side of the country. After almost an hour they came home and brought back this tiny little thing.

It was very scared and liked to be under the couch mostly, where it felt safe of course. It kept meowing aaaaaal evening except when it was eating.

We were unable to touch him coz he was scared of us, unknown big people...

Later around midnight, when the kids were in bed and it got more quiet Simone and I let him walk around. In the end I managed to pick him up when he wasn't looking at me and I put him in my lap. He immediately surrendered and started purring and didn't wanna leave. Lateron Simone did the same and after another hour we went to bed leaving a meowing cat to fall asleep on the couch.

We named him Silver and we are all in love with him already :-)

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