Friday, October 14, 2016

The cooking studio

This evening after work I had a work outing to which I went with some 28 colleagues. We went to a cooking-studio where we were split up in random groups and each group was to prepare some food for out big dinner. And big it was!

I was in team "dessert" and I did the eggs. I split them and then beat the egg white until you could keep it upside down without falling out of the bowl. New skills for Vincent! ;-)

We also prepared the dessert plates.

Another team made a delicious tomato soup.

There was plenty of food! On another table there were delicious chicken nuggets coated in honey mustard and meatball in tomato sauce.

Dessert-team made this (also) delicious lemon tart. It was actually really good!

My colleague Hans made these crispy cookies. They were awesome, loved them (and ate too many).

My colleague Sicco made this photo, I'm gracefully stealing it to put it up here simply because it's a really nice photo of all the people on our floor. I had a really nice evening!

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