Saturday, December 17, 2016

The wire

Silver likes to sit in the window and look outside. I think he'd love to go outside. It would also make him a healthier cat I think.

I had to buy a few things from an electronic hobby shop close to my old house, so I walked past to see how things were going. Well, construction is definately under way. There's not much more to say. It already feels like it was very long ago that I was there...

We walked the folders early afternoon. It left play things for Silver.

Late afternoon I drove to my Mustang to put together this little cable that I'd been shopping for this morning. It was a fun little job.

The little wire serves as a ground wire inside my Mustang's distributor. It grounds the new electronic ignition module. Without a solid ground it doesn't work properly which very likely resulted in the really bad (not) starting of the engine.

But, my engine fired up on the first attempt to start! I am so pleased with this! Let's hope it stays like this now :-)

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