Monday, January 2, 2017

The light sculptures

Back to work again. I was greated by 2 emails, each reporting 1 problem which sounded like it needed immediate fixing. I was not thrilled.

After a day that should've been easy but ended up being crap I went home where little Silver came to sit with me. It makes everything good again. He's a bundle of joy and he loves to dish out. Every single day he comes to show his affection in several ways. I think he's quite happy with us :-)

In the evening the four of us went into town to walk the "illumination route" of the Amsterdam lights festival. It's a walking trail that takes you past all kinds of light sculptures. Most of them fail to impress me, like this one.

This spider on the other hand is awesome I think!

In a park they had set up some screens that showed you through an infrared camera. Pretty cool.

It's only because I love colourful object that I like this but otherwise...

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