Saturday, February 4, 2017

Upgrading my iMac's hard disk

Today started with a quick breakfast before I started working on my iMac.

My goal for the day was to replace my (late 2009 27") iMac's hard disk with a model that:
1) Allows me to upgrade to the latest OS X Sierra.
2) Is faster
3) Gives me more space

This is not as easy as with any other desktop PC... First you have to remove the glass.

Then you have to undo 8 screws around the LCD. This is not too hard but I was scared that I'd drop them into the computer. Nowhere did I read the advice about using a magnetic screwdriver so be ware!

You also have to undo 4 cables and you need to be gentle.

And when the screen is out you can see the hard disk. Smack bang in the middle. That comes out after undoing 2 screws.

Leaving you with room for a new hard disk.

Old and new hard disk. I'm replacing the old one because the thermal sensor inside is fucked and returns an error. This makes OS X the drive is failing (it actually works fine!) and therefore it won't upgrade anymore. That's Apple for you. Oh well...

So I'm putting in a 2TB SSD/HDD hybrid. A bit more space and a bit more speed but most important I can use the latest OS again.

So after putting everything back in the moment of truth arrived; would everything still work? And yes it did!

Within moments I was installed the old OS X that came with my Mac when I bought it (Snow Leopard).

Silver came to assist me with.... something he obviously thought was crucial.

I had to first upgrade to Mavericks before I could upgrade to Sierra but every upgrade went well with zero problems. Now I have a computer that actually feels like it's new!

Very pleased!

And after all that hard work it was time for some relaxation...

Silver knows how to relax. He is the relaxation f*ck*ng master. He's the pro, the best, the KING! of relaxing

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