Monday, April 24, 2017

Texel, day 1

So early this morning we drove to Den Helder to catch the ferry to the island of Texel. We are spending 2 days on the island. It's only a little island with not too many things to do and we haven't really thought of things beforehand so we'll see how it goes :-)

The ferry takes surprisingly little time. You get to the island in about 15 minutes. Just enough time to leave the car, get a cup of coffee, enjoy the view for 5 minutes and get back to the car. Oh, and I even went to the toilet!


Our first stop was at Ecomare, a natural history museum, seal and seabird sanctuary and a small sea aquarium. We were just in time for the feeding and training of two porpoises (Dutch: Bruinvis).

It was really nice to sea these creatures.

There were seals as well.

In the bird sanctuary there were quite a few Gannets (Dutch: Jan van Gent). Beautiful birds.

Feeding time for the seals. They have different kinds of seals there spanning all ages.


After our visit to Ecomare we went to our hotel "Tatenhove" to see if we could have an early check-in since it was only just afternoon. Thankfully our rooms were ready.

The hotel was lovely and recommendable!

After a coffee and room-check we drove up North to check out the light house. It was getting late and it was cold and rainy so Milan and I just walked up to have a look.

It's a pretty decent lighthouse!

The light was lit for the first time on November 1st, 1864.

We drove to a beach restaurant called "Paal 17". Inside it was very nice and warm and cosy. We had a beach view which was lovely.

The food was great and so was their homemade beer!

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