Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Autotron

Today I went to a car show at a place called the Autotron together with an old friend of mine, Raymond. The show wasn't too big and it was very quiet because today was this year's first day with nice weather. Good for us because it was easier to see and photograph the cars :-)

Here are some of the pictures I made:

I totally loved this yellow '76 Corvette Stingray. I gotta own one some day. But I will have a '73 then, of course ;-)

I really liked this little Opel as well.

This is the front of a Coupe de ville. If this doesn't impress you...

... I'm sure its size will!

This is a Volvo, believe it or not :-)

Grand am. Pretty rare overhere.

One of the stalls indoor was selling car booklets, original ones. They happened to have 1 original sales brochure for the '73 Mustang! I had to have it, it's so awesome to have with my car :-)

The car at the top is what mine used to look like except that mine had a black roof.

I also scored a drip-plate for underneath my car. Very pleased with that.

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