Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The bodyguard

Today I found out that my old place is up for sale again. In the last 6 years the price has gone up by nearly 200%. Yes, the Amsterdam housing market it going insane.

Driving home was a nighmare. The short route was blocked by a huge traffic jam caused by a toppled trailer. So I decided to go the other way only to be blocked by an even larger traffic jam caused by a 5-car crash.

At home Silver dared going into our neighbour's garden to be faced by their 2 cats. The red one is Diego and he seems to accept Silver, who likes to go where Diego goes. Then there is also the black/white cat hiding in the pizza oven. She hates every other cat and started hissing at Silver. Diego then stepped in between her and Silver to show that she needed to back-off. How cool!

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