Thursday, May 11, 2017

The walk / my old house

I took the bus to work this morning because I'm going out straight after work! :-)

I decided to walk into town from work, which is about an hour's walk. The weather was great so it was very nice.

I walked past my old house and was able to look inside and see what they've done with the place!
There is a kitchen where my bed once was.

They made a bedroom where my old kitch was and put a wall around it. I would've done the same thing except I would have made the bedroom smaller so that the little window would be in the kitchen. It's a dark hole now, the kitchen...

The living room door is some black metal thing with a lot of glass in it. Glass = OK, black = shit.

The windows got fresh paint but no green which looks odd compared to the other windows.

I continued my walk along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam.

When I got to Mulligans I was hot and very thirsty so I ordered a cold, juicy pint of cider. Wonderful stuff this is!

Gerrit joined me for a few drinks and a great Indian dinner and we left 10-ish. A lot of things changed in the area lately so I was quite amazed to see that whole streets had another look now, like this part of the Rokin.

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