Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meeting another Mustang owner

I met this guy called Jeroen today. I know him from the forum and he messaged me that he was close by and asked if I wanted to meet up, how nice! So I took a few hours off and we took my Mustang for a spin. It was the best run ever: Good start, good idle, nice driving, great stuff! Jeroen was a little impressed with my car complimenting on the looks and also the way it sounds ;-)

I let him look at my car as he was looking for a few references for his convertible. As he was going along he pointed out that my original buck-tag is still there. I hadn't even noticed! I need to clean it up and get a better picture as the stuff on the tag tells me something about the car, maybe even stuff I don't know yet. Cool!

He also brought me a copy of the '73 facts and specs manual. It's an old re-print but that's OK. I thought that was mighty nice of him to do!

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