Sunday, August 6, 2017

The crack, or not?

I went to my garage early this morning to get more stuff done. But I was so early the DIY store was still closed. Since the weather was great I took the car out for a little spin :-)

I did notice something that worries me. There's something that looks like a crack in front of the driver's side cylinder head...

I'm not sure if it's a crack of some leftover from the casting process...

I put up another shelve under the sink and did some other little things. Even cleaning up and organising is fun. The little garage-area at the front is nearly done now.

Me happy!

Simone finished work early and we went to have dinner at the beach again. I ate healthier food than usual but still a few things my diet doesn't allow like bread, pesto and cheese. It was delicious though.
Oh, and I had 1 little cookie with my coffee... oops.

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