Sunday, February 28, 2016

Schiphol behind the scenes / The LEGO Mustang

I took a few pics of my soon-to-be working area... There hardly is any room to work though...

Yes, that shiny thing in the middle is what I need to remove and replace. It's the EGR valve which at certain conditions lets some exhaust fumes enter the engine to burn off bad fumes.
Well, it also makes my car run crap so I'm hopefully gonna put a stop to that... Don't know when yet though.

View from the top.

Late morning we went shopping. The only thing I bought was this LEGO Mustang.

I only found out that this is available yesterday. Love, love, love it :-)

In the afternoon the four of us went for a "Behind the scenes" tour of Amsterdam Schiphol airport. It was a fun thing to do.

The only downside was that we never got off the bus during the tour. Btw: that guy on the right is NOT me ;-)

We drove past these Kenyan air planes that had been sold to another airliner and were going to be repainted.

And past the area with private jets. This one belongs to the Dutch royal family.

View towards the Schiphol tower.

We saw airplanes taking off which was cool.

And we saw them coing down, which was also very cool!

And I saw a huge can of Heineken. It made me thirsty ;-)

After the tour we went up the panorama deck where there are always great views.

It was a lovely way to spent the afternoon together :-)

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