Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Dutch movie

Some days I walk the stair to my office. It's just 17 floors, no biggie ;-)

I start to breathe heavier after the 7th floor. By the time I reach the 17th floor I'm just about fed up with the exercise so that's good.

In the evening I met Gerrit to go see a movie. It was a very nice movie. Not a big international blockbuster but one made in Holland, with Dutch actors doing a Dutch story. The crowd was small and civilised. Nice.

It was at the Tuschinski cinema which is known for it's stunning architecture.

The street where the cinema is, has changed a fair bit over the last couple of years but not to its advantage unfortunately. Normal shops are replaced with more tourist traps. Souvenirs and nutella everywhere. It's bad.

Afterwards we had a lovely pint of the black stuff.

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