Saturday, February 6, 2016

The hidden wires

I went to my car today for ongoing improvement :-)

It was time to try on the gasket... One has to go on top of this carb spacer and one underneath.

Beautiful fit! This will hopefully keep my carb cool so I don't get any fuel boil any more.

I did some more work on the trunk again. I wonder if there should be something against the back seat from this side...

I sanded away for about 2,5 hours and got most of it done. I really need to get a proper vacume  cleaner incolved coz the dust is going everywhere. I'm happy with how much I got done today.

Infront of the passenger seat there's a little light in the dash that says "Fasten seatbeld". There should also be an audible warning but I've never seen it work. Today I looked under the seat and saw this. It can't connect coz one of the wires has to go through a non-existing hole in the carpet. I will make that hole and then, hopefully, the light will work! Very exciting :-)

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