Sunday, February 7, 2016

The great idea

I watched Wheeler Dealers during breakfast. IMO it's one of the best car shows on TV because they actually explain what they do to the car and why. It's not about the glamour so much as with a lot of other shows. They were bringing an old Ford Escort back to life today. Nice car!

I had to deal with some unfinished business today. This piece of the wall that still looks crap after we put the new floor in months ago. I tried to make it pretty with pieces of wood but it was all crooked and in the end it really frustrated me. When Simone came home we went to the DIY store together, my third! time today to have a look for alternatives.

Simone had this fantastic idea that not only is super easy to make, it also eliminates the flaws in the wall and it looks very good too!

Basically all we did was put two corner profiles on the wall, thus giving us a straight surface to work with, something the wall was lacking.
All we needed to do then was put on a wider piece of wood and voila!

Looking good no?

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