Sunday, March 27, 2016

The "cat hill" (kattenberg)

Happy easter... When we drove off to Simone's family for easter brunch, somebody in our neighbourhood had to leave their car in the middle of the street coz it caught fire. Not cool, scary shit.
The firies just arrived when we were passing.

Before meeting with Simone's family we decorated one of her friends' house because that friend turned 40 and skipped away for the weekend to escape any 40th birthday activities.

After a very nice brunch organised by Simone's sister Danielle and her boyfriend Erik we went for a little walk before meeting with my family.

We went to Heiloo and visited the kattenberg, "cat hill" in English. They think it was created by sand that was dug up to make ponds for the nearby mansion around 1707.

After this lovely walk we visited my family and we had a lovely time over a lovely dinner.

It was a busy (and noisy) day but very well spent!

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