Saturday, April 2, 2016

Removing the thermostat-housing / The beer

I try to work on my 'stang at least once every 2 weeks. It's difficult finding time. Today I wanted to replace, or at least start replacing, the thermostat. Also I cleaned the insides of the front fenders that the hood lies on when closed and I put in new rubber hood bumpers. If you knbow where to look it makes a BIG difference ;-)

I had to take out a lot of the coolant before working my way to the thermostat. I did this by siphoning from the radiator.

When most of the coolant was out I disconnected the top radiator hose. It got really messy and I had to go home to get a vacuum cleaner because I didn't want all the crap to end up in my cooling system.

There it is, the old thermostat-housing, all cleaned up. It still needs to go though!

And what I was afraid of did happen. The bolts snaped off. I was able to remove the housing but I'm now stuck with 2 bolts I will have to drill out... Not too pleased about that but also not too surprised to be honest. I left the ols gasket and thermostat inthere for the time being. I need to make a plan about getting them bolts out first now.

The new and the old thermostat housing.

In the evening I drank the beer I got from my folks a while ago. It was very, very nice! It was refreshing and slightly flavoured with something I can't quite get my finger on.

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