Sunday, May 22, 2016

Installing the new thermostat housing

Today I made some car-time. I really want to be able to drive again so this thermostat thing needs to get fixed pronto! But before I started on that, I put my new vacume cleaner together. I bought it a while ago. It doesn't just suck, it also blows, real hard! And it can also suck up water. Great! And it wasn't very expensive. So I cleaned out my car inside and then I blew around the engine bay and it looks cleaner now :-)

Well, there is the old thermostat. All blown clean now ;-)

I then installed the new thermostat and it's housing.

Hooked up the hose.... And then I had to leave coz dinner time was only 30 minutes away. I'll have to continue another time.

After dinner we went for a big walk. Lovely weather for walking.

The Twiske mill.


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