Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The walk home

I went to my Mustang straight after work to see how the new thermostat housing was holding. There were no leaks so that was good. When I started the car, it fired on the second attempt, very pleased with that as well. With the engine running there were still no leaks. I drove it outside and back in just to move stuff around a bit and to warm up the engine hoping the thermostat would open. I think it did but I'm not 100% sure. I'll have to take it for a proper spin when I have the opportunity again...

This view never bores me :-)

So when I was done I was thinking how to go home and I figured I could try to walk it. I had plenty of time and nice weather so I did it.

After leaving the outskirts of Zwanenburg I entered a very green area which was lovely to walk through.

After entering Amsterdam it soon became a whole different game...

I made this picture of when I crossed the A10 (ring Amsterdam) and straight after my phone ran out of juice. So that's it for today!

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