Saturday, July 16, 2016

Replacing ignition parts

So with the new parts I can now replace the distributorcap and the spark plug wires. You really have to connect all the wires the right way or your engine won't run. So I wrote down the connections first.

This is the inside of the old distributor cap. It looks pretty warn out I reckon!

This is the inside of the new cap. Nice and clean!

The rotor looked pretty shot as well but since I didn't have a new one I sanded it a bit.

It took me about an hour to replace all the wires. With a full engine bay it's not so easy.

Of course I had to test it all out. The car started on the 2nd attempt and ran better than the last time.

It actually drove quite well I thought. I took some piccies just because I could ;-)

Nice little drive. Hopefully the car will start up like this all the time from now on...

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