Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Walibi coasters

Today the four of us went to the Walibi amusementpark. They apparently have the best selection of rollercoasters in the country so expectations were a bit high, but we were not disappointed!

I have a few photos of some of the rides.

This is the "Speed of sound". It's small but cool coz you start quite high (especially if you are in the back car) and you also do the whole track in reverse (going backwards).

Nice little warming-up rollercoaster ;-)

This is their new newest coaster called "Lost gravity". It's nuts. There's no straight part in the whole thing, it's all curves, loopings and screws in any thinkable way possible. Especially the drop-off is quite spectacular since you're dropped in a screw doing half a loop.

It's also quite high.

There's an upside-down army helicopter lying there with a DJ-booth in it with a DJ playing live music! Very cool!

And of course there's the old wooden coaster. Not as tame as it looks, nice ride!

In "El Condor" you don't sit in a car but you hang off of the rails. Now this is a whole different game! When doing a loop you're not IN it but OUT! Really nice ride but the only one that made me a little dizzy...

The "Goliath". I believe it's described as "the fastest, highest and longest coaster in the Benelux" and I think it is!

It's high, it's fast and it's long. This was my favourite ride I think becuse of the speed.

We had a lovely, lovely day here. I loved the rides and had a great time. Can recommend this park to all coaster fans :-)

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