Thursday, December 22, 2016

The drinks

I took the bus to work again for a change because after work I was going into town! :-)

The city district council and ChipSoft have teamed up to display a Christmas wish on our building.

At work there was a bit of an emergency as I was seriously out of coffee... I had to run out and get more.

After work I took the tram down to my old place and from there I walked into town. Lovely little walk along the canals.

Max was behind the bar in Mulligans. The place looks extra cosy around Christmas.

Gerrit was running late so I stared at the wall for a bit ;-)

After 3 pints of Guinness if was most certainly time for some food. We wanted shoarma but the place was closed so we went to waga's instead. The food was niiiiiiiiice!

After dinner we had a few more drinks and then walked back to get the bus home. I had a very enjoyable evening and so did Gerrit by the looks of it ;-)

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