Saturday, December 24, 2016

The start

Today it was car-time again. I really wanted to fire up my Mustang again to see if it would fire the first time, again. It hadn't run for a week so this would be a good test!

This is the old Pertronix I ignition. I guess I'll try to sell it.

The engine in its current state. I like how you can tell what's been replaced by how shiny it is :-)

Here's a movie clip of starting the car. It fired the first time but then died, think maybe a small lack of fuel or too cold or whatever. It did fire though and it would've kept running if I had given a bit more throttle. Anyway, I fired it a second time and it started running and it kept running. Very happy! :-)

So to me, having a proper starting engine after four years of owning the Mustang is a perfect start of my holidays. Then I went home and had one of the best cookies in the world and Silver came to sit with me and I played a bit of Hearthstone on my tablet. Life was nearly perfect :-)

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