Sunday, March 12, 2017

The turning signal switch

First things first! Our local supermarket DEEN has this awesome coffee now! It's natural, fair trade and CHEAP! Not to mention that the cups actually work better in the machine than many others from other brands.

I took my new car through the carwash. There was a scary guy in my car.

I went to my Mustang today to work on a few things.

I tried to make the tag on my Mustang's alternator visible but it's too far gone I'm afraid...

The main goal was to replace the turning signal switch. Just disconnecting it took two bloody hours. The connector is in a nearly impossible place under the dash and also it's been there for 43 years so yeah, it was nicely stuck....

With plenty of time left I had to give up though because I don't have the tools to get these bolts out. Crap!

At least I got this clock installed! ;-)

Silver came to have a nap with me in the evening.

He is just the cutest cat ever!

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