Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jumbo race dagen with Max Verstappen

Today there was a racing event at the Zandvoort Formula 1 grounds. The main attraction was the Dutch Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen. But there were many other interesting things to see and hear and do.

We knew it was going to be busy. I didn't think it would be this busy at 9AM...

The event's main attraction is this (Dutch) guy; Max Verstappen. He's the current Formula 1's rising star and drives for Red bull. He would drive 4 series of about 5 laps today in the 2012 RB8 car that Vettel drove at the time. We managed to get close once and I was quick enough to snep this close up ;-)

While most people had the cheaper tickets that keeps you out of the paddock, Milan and I had more expensive tickets that allowed you in the paddocks and on the roof of the pit-building. It was really nice walking around there, lots to see and it wasn't as busy as you'd expect.

These girls were walking around everywhere all day long.

In the morning there was an interview with Max as well and Milan and I got some good spots.

Here's Max doing his second series of laps late morning. I was thinking at the time that he was going pretty damn fast. When we got home we read in the news that he actually broke the Zandvoort lap record! So he was going fast indeed ;-)

There was racing going on all day long. This car drove in the BOSS GP. BOSS stands for Big Open Single Seaters btw.

There were helicopter tours all day long. In the end those things got a little annoying I have to say. Especially if you were trying to listen if a car was getting close.

There was a drift demonstration as well.

Very cool to see. They managed to lay down sooooooo much smoke!

Just after 1PM a little stunt plane few over and did a 10 minute show. Pretty cool!

These cars were driving in a prototype challenge. There were different types of cars apparently but it looked and sounded cool!

Because the track is in the dunes it's naturally shaped with lots of height difference. So that offered a view across the paddocks.

Milan and I sat down at some point at what seemed to be a very nice spot. Nobody infront of us and a bit higher so no fence in between us and the cars.

There was one Mustang driving but I wonder howmuch "Mustang" was actually left. The car looked nice but it's big and heavy and maybe therefore it was last in the group.

Here's Max doing his final laps of the day. I gotta say that seeing and especually hearing a Formula 1 race car is pretty spectacular!

Milan made this photo of me. Worked out quite nice I think!

After walking around a bit more during the last 2 races of the day we walked towards the exit.

But then we spotted where all the cars were parked and we decided to walk around there a bit as well.

I really liked this one. Made a very nice picture too!

Just before the exit this little van was parked. My grandpa used to have one with a mobile snackbar. He was one of the first ones back in his days.

All in all Milan and I had a really fantastic day together and I'd gladly do it again :-)

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